Why a Franchise -

By becoming a Franchise, an individual or an entity is legally allowed to sell goods, services or concepts that are offered by the parent company, in this case, GLORIOUS KIDZ. The Franchise gains from having an immediate recognition to his business venture along with training/support provided by the parent company, i.e. GLORIOUS KIDZ(the Franchisor).

It is always a wise and fruitful decision to become our Franchise and gain from our expertise and successful business model. You could own an established Play school with nationwide recognition by just being a part of the GLORIOUS KIDZ chain of Play schools.

A GLORIOUS KIDZ- Franchise benefits:

Having access to a proven and successful format of operating the business that has been developed by the Franchisor.

Using the GLORIOUS KIDZ's brand name, which already has recognition thereby reducing precious time, huge expenditure and efforts that are involved in creating a brand name and then establishing reputation.

A professional support provided by us ensuring guidance in your business operations and a Franchise can bank upon the management, marketing and personnel assistance provided by the company

Glorious Kidz

The cost of starting GLORIOUS KIDZ franchise pre-school is not much high either. If you have been looking for franchise businesses with low investments, this is a great opportunity. You just need a corpus of Rs. 6-8Lacsfor setup and a minimum carpet area of 1800 square feet as basic investments to open GLORIOUS KIDZ franchise. The anticipated return on investments in GLORIOUS KIDS franchise is 200 per cent within just 18 months max.Franchises are also provided with exclusive territorial/region rights and field assistance to start their ventures.

The basic agreement is for 5 years primarily but upon satisfactory completion of the basic term, you can renew GLORIOUS KIDZ franchise term for longer periods.


  • Franchisee fee for first 5 years
  • Set up of 3 classrooms including PLAYGROUP /PRE NURSERY AND NURSERY
  • Set up of ACTIVITY/PLAY area/GYM area
  • Teaching Aids


  • We provide teachers training at no additional cost.
  • Our royalty is very low as compared to other franchise
  • We provide all backend support throughout without any extra charges
  • We provide admission tie ups in the formal school for the kids studying in any GLORIOUS KIDZ branch
  • We assist in all functions like ANNUAL AND SPORTS DAY
  • No delay in providing books and uniforms.