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We have designed a unique approach to tackle the problem of students who go through stressful situations due to the kinds of courses and curriculum prevalent in our education system. We offer a learning process which leads to a stress-free environment for students and strengthens the relationship among parents, teachers and children.

Blossom Educations works towards opening the eyes of students to learn about their true selves and strengthen their capabilities. The students learn faster and in the least possible time. We help students overcome their shortcomings and make learning fun. At the same time examinations become fun to tackle. This way students increase their rankings and improve the overall result of the school.

Our services and products have been appreciated all over India by reputed schools. Our Franchisees all across the nation are dedicated to provide our services under the brand name Brainology to help India reap the education demographic dividend.

Our Services :

  • Dermatoglyphics Analysis
  • Super memory Technique

Dermatoglyphics Analysis

The word Dermatoglyphics is derived from an ancient Greek word. ‘Derma’ means skin and ‘glyphics’ mean prints or carvings. Dermatoglyphics is usually associated with the study of fingerprints. The term was coined by Professor Harold Cummins, MD, who is considered the Father of Dermatoglyphics.

Roger Wolcott Sperry’s research on Split-Brain made him come up with Brain Dominance, when he discovered that one hemisphere of the brain is more dominant than the other. He received a Nobel Prize in 1981 for his research.

Brainology DA combines all this scientific research and the data derived from fingerprint scans with the theory of multiple intelligences which was framed by Prof Howard Gardner. The theory of multiple intelligences emphasizes on the correlation among abilities. According to Prof. Howard Gardner, human intelligence is divided into eight different types of intelligences. Every human being is born with certain strong intelligences and certain weak ones. Brainology DA aims at discovering and enhancing the strong intelligences, and providing remedial measures for the weaker ones.

Brainology DA report is a 60- pages profile of an individual that covers the most dominant inborn learning pattern of individuals/students. It uses Neil Fleming’s VAK model to identify the different learning styles of students. VAK stands for Visual Learners, Auditory Learners, and Kinaesthetic Learners respectively.

The reports are interpreted by counsellors who give advice regarding the student’s strong intelligences and how to enhance them and discuss about the student’s weak intelligences and how to improve them. The report is a one-time generated report that is valid for a lifetime. Based on the intelligences, the bet suited career options are brought to the notice of the individuals/students.

Super Memory Technique

What is SMT:

10 percent of brain myth is the most widely perpetuated urban legend that most or all humans only make use of 10 percent or less of their brain. By extrapolation, it is suggested that a person may hamess this unused potential and increase intelligence. Cognitive neuroscientist consider memory as the retention, reactivation, and reconstruction of the experience-independent internal representation.

Memory is the process in which information is encoded, stored and retrieved.Super Memory Techniques are instrumental in making this humungous change in the retentive and recalling ability of the human brain which volumes to 2 Quintillion bits. Which denotes that if the memory is trained to optimize its recalling capacity one can effortlessly remember the entire Wikipedia/Books/Maps which can be beneficial in early adolescence and further even.

These techniques are designed with respect to an individual’s learning styles and inborn grasping and concentration levels. Students/Individuals will be provided trainings for 16-22 hours in batches and hence enhancing their retention variants.

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